What better backdrop for a flight than the iconic profile of Mount Fuji in Japan as captured here by Masanori Ichikawa.

Time flies like an arrow.

“Orville, accompanied by his brother Lorin, his nephew Horace, and his friend Alexander Ogilvie, of England, arrived for the purpose of conducting gliding experiments with a glider resembling the Wright 1911 powered machine but lacking its motor.” — Arthur G. Renstrom. (image: Library of Congress)

December and the annual rite of Wright-mas.

Leonardo Horta launches in his giant, diaphanous Leprechaun at Parque Rola Moça, Minas Gerais, Brasil in November of 2020. (image: Regis Labatte)

Sometimes dreams really do come true.

The three active glider guiders from the Eutawville Fliers in Eutawville, South Carolina. From left-to-right: a YellowJacket 3.5 meter flown by Gene Guthan, a Pulsar 3.2 meter flown by Mark Sturgis and a K3600 3.6 meter flown by Gary Quiring. (photo: Gary Quiring)

We belong to a very exclusive club. That is not the good thing we might think it is.

This stunning image by Laurent Ducros was taken in February, 2021 and features the glider aerobatic team based in Erquy on the northwest coast of France. The three, four meter span Air 100 gliders in Hamilton livery are all built by Eric Poulain who is also one of the pilots. They are flown in precise, tight formation with musical accompaniment.

Whither our community?

Iñaki Elizondo Casado’s Weberschock ‘Radical’ amidst a backdrop of balsa-hungry wind turbines at the world famous Bwlch in South Wales, UK, at the 2017 Welsh Open F3F. (image: Kevin Newton)

So you want to do for a living what you now do for a hobby?

This magnificent picture was taken on 2021–06–11 by Alexandre Mittaz after a mid-afternoon, one hour long thermal flight in the Val d’Hérens / Valais / Switzerland. The aircraft is a Drops388 from DropsFactory in Germany. Its wingspan is 388cm, weighs in at 5.8kg unballasted and is constructed with hardshell carbon fiber wings. To provide a sense of scale, Alexandre’s wife can be seen at the extreme left of the photo (you’ll have to look really, really closely).

Is great flying right on your doorstep?

A wedge-tailed eagle takes dead aim at a Bird of Time over Mount Terrible in South Australia on May 9th, 2021. (image: Allen Moore)

Are those dark clouds gathering on the horizon?

Terence C. Gannon

Not There Yet.

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